Formula T10 Review

Oct 19, 2014 Reviews


Why opt for Formula T10

One of the key hormones in a man is the testosterone that actually makes them who they are. A man in his early 20’s experiences increasing levels of testosterones but by the time he reaches his early 30’s and beyond, his natural testosterone release steps on a downward trend. This is why men often find it difficult to build muscle mass in their later years, with other difficulties cropping up like reduction in the aggressive instinct, usual sex drive and just not feeling like they used to in their 20’s.

formula t10 reviewHere comes in testosterone boosters that help men regain the feeling they had in their younger years, specifically when they invest lots of time for workouts in gyms but see no evident results due to the natural fall in testosterone levels that occur due to ageing. One such product doing the rounds in the market currently is the Formula T10, which comprises several ingredients to quick-start testosterone levels in a man as well as claims to regain a person’s youthful vitality.
The main aim of Formula T10, which is specially formulated by doctors and is manufactured in an FDA certified facility, is to make up for the normal and natural decrease in testosterone levels that come with increasing age or because of other bodily issues that might hinder the normal release of the hormone.

Apart from ingredients that boost natural testosterone levels, Formula T10 also consists of vasodilators that together expedite the ability to develop lean muscle mass and improve one’s performance.


As the name suggest, Formula T10 is made up of primarily 10 key ingredients that have their individual benefits. The product contains:
DHEA and Long Jack – Both help in increasing testosterone release and improve sexual performance and desire.
L-Arginine HCL – Helps improve blood circulation, lessens indications of developing erectile dysfunction and increases nutrient delivery to the muscle tissues post rigorous exercise.
Saw Palemetto – A herb for males that helps treat prostate enlargement and surges sexual desire.
Sarsparilla Root – Used medically to treat sexual dysfunction, and is often known to help keep energy levels high during workouts when one is trying to build more muscle mass.
Eleuthero root, Jamaican ginger root, Muira Puama extract and Damiana leaf – All herbs that boost energy levels and improve sexual performance and drive.
Tienchi Ginseng Root and Stinging nettle extract – Added ingredients used that act as the energy increasing part of the product as well as helps normalize prostaglandins.
Mucuna pruriens seed, Nutmeg seed, Withania somnifera root, Licorice root, Oat straw extract – All of these naturally improve energy, increase oxygen flow to the tissues and keep blood sugar levels regular.
Vitamins A, C, E, Lycopene and Zinc – All these help proper body function, cell membranes and sexual energy.

1.    An all natural product
2.    Consists of several proven herbal ingredients that help improve energy and sexual performance
3.    Might help increase metabolism that will in turn boost the rate of fat burning in a body
4.    Might increase performance and strength in the gym

1.    It might take about 2 months for complete benefits of the product to be seen
2.    The Formula T10 bottle does not show the full ingredient dosage
3.    It is difficult to evaluate the product’s side effects as ingredient concentrations are not indicated.

So to sum up the review, Formula T10 is a complete herbal and multi-vitamin product that is good for ageing individuals. However, the fact that women can also use the product indicates that it is not the best available testosterone booster in the market. Formula T10 can rather be used for energy optimization and sexual enhancement.

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