Yacon Syrup Review – Does it really work ?

Oct 15, 2014 Reviews


It is one of the easiest weight loss solutions that can help you lose weight affectively and much without making any changes to your comfortable living. It is one of the most current and natural ways to weight loss because of the amazing properties and results it carries.

What exactly is Yacon syrup?

It is a member of the sunflower family with small yellow flowers and roots. It acts a natural fat burning product which helps reducing fat and thereby controlling weight. It is found in the Andes Mountains, where people native of North America use it as a sweetener. It is a thick solution made processing the roots of yacon through different stages. The root of the plant has all medicinal properties that it has to its credit. Root contains FOS expanded scientifically as fructooligosaccharide, from where yacon derives its medicinal properties.

How does it work?

One table spoon of yacon syrup before every meal three times a day is the ideal way of consumption. It improves digestion in the body.
•    It also boosts metabolism
•    Produces prebiotics and probiotics
•    It maintains glucose level, which makes it wonderful for diabetic patients.
FOS (fructoologisacchyride) in the roots of yacon resists breakdown by enzymes and reaches the colon. FOS being low in calories and acting a s soluble fibre, when mixes with gastric fluids it expands which makes feel full.
FOS also feeds beneficial bacteria that is present the colonal region, that
•    Prevents inflammation
•    Provides immunity (to an extent).


It has come out to be one of good ways to lose weight as much as in natural way. It controls hunger and reduces your intake of food. It assists in reducing weight but altogether also help other problems in daily life.
•    Provides more fibre
•    Treats constipation
•    Controls elevated blood sugar levels.
•    Not to be used by people if suffering from lose stomach
Long term consumption of yacon syrup gives better and healthier results. It does not involve with fasting glucose, increase BMI and is also effective for menopausal women.
At some point or the other one may and to lose weight in their lives, here the yacon syrup is a very useful product that can make the task a lot easier. Use of yacon syrup keeps your energy levels high all day long. It is a good anti oxidant and fights against free radicals for a healthier body.


There are a whole lot of yacon based products that are every now and then promoted in the marketplace (offfline and online). But before you consider something for your body be cautious of those little things that will give you better results with all the prescribed benefits.
•    Don’t go for fake products as they may arise a false hope.
•    Buy high quality product, read the contents before buying
•    Because Dr. Oz does not support any particular brand, don’t be influenced by any such advertisement.
•    Don’t go for economical yacon syrup, it will do for what it was taken.

Customer view

People who use yacon syrup have been seen losing weight naturally wonderful and easy way. Customers’ opinions go on to making comments where they go as far as saying that giving a second thought to buy yacon syrp is a waste of time. Some cite their own examples of losing pounds of weight in very less time. It shows how much positive impact it has on its users. An experiment done by Dr.Oz showed how women lost pounds of weight in just a few months plusvisibly reduce circumference from the waste. Considering the experiments and the opinions one can say that it does really work and has produced results with a great impact.

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