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The Truth About Abs  is a 140-page eBook written by well-known certified nutritionist and celebrity personal trainer Mike Geary, which gives readers a comprehensive insight into the ‘secret’ of attaining that oh-so desired flat and stunning abs.
It is not a rare thing in today’s world for fakes and gimmicks for just anything available, from food products to machines, gadgets to magic powders and pills, and especially if it is something related to weight loss or personal fitness. Thus, the name of the book ‘The Truth about Six Pack Abs.’ The book has emerged as an instant hit among global readers who are looking for the ‘Truth,’ as well as an honest and good program that unveils the tried–and-tested nutritional plans and training programs to lose that stubborn fat in your belly to give yourself a lean, flat six pack for a lifetime.
Where can it be found?
The eBook can be found on the website, with the homepage featuring two informative videos that exclusively show how to lose belly fat and get that perfectly shaped flat stomach. The two videos are one for each gender, female and male, and are free of cost. Visitors will have to simply choose his or her gender to avail a gender specific presentation on how to achieve a flat tummy. Meanwhile, visitors may also receive on the landing page a free e-Book with 27 secrets to increase metabolism, which will in turn again help you to shed belly fat.
Visitors will also find quite a few articles on the website on how to reduce the percentage of fat in a body and build abdominal muscle. Additionally, the site also sells a package worth US$39.95. However, the key offering is The Truth about Six Pack Abs eBook. The package comprises a few free bonuses, such as a DVD named “The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss”. One major factor that has drawn so many customers worldwide is the money back guarantee offered for the package if customers are not satisfied in 60 days of buying it.
The eBook is not meant for any specific age group, while people even at the age group of 40 and 50 can opt for the program.
How the program works
The biggest advantage of choosing Truth About Abs is that it does not require expensive weight loss machines or supplements. At the beginning, users are provided with a list of foods that they are required to include in their diet plan as well as a workout plan that is based on short interval training. The workout regime and the foods boost the metabolic rate of a body and allow it to burn fat throughout the day continuously.
The program not only helps the body to lose weight but also develop muscles. The workout regime and diet plan together target the belly region of a body and helps build six pack abs. Nevertheless, all this goes to complete vain sans one most important thing, ‘COMMITMENT.’ Commitment is the key to achieve 100% success after implementing the program.
Of all the reviews available from customers, majority is on the positive side with most of them highly satisfied with the program. There are very few, in fact negligible amount of people who have had negative results from the program. The web is full of testimonials from customers who have greatly benefited from the program to achieve that perfect, slim and trim belly they have always dreamt of.
Worth for money : The Truth About Abs is way cheaper when compared to any other weight-loss program or supplement, while the 60-day money back guarantee speaks loud enough for itself to prove that there are very less chances for the program to fail. This new six-pack abs magic program is here to stay and is worth every penny you pay for it!

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Welcome to the Forskolin reviews, one of the major herbs aiding weight loss. There has been a recent hype about the weight loss supplements which help you lose considerable weight. Out the various different extracts available in the commercial market, Forskolin has made quite a mark. The plant extract has not only shown formidable evidence in aiding weight loss, but in treatment of various other medical causes too.

Origins of Forskolin

forskolin-reviewsLet us first discus about the origins of the herb, before proceeding with the Forskolin reviews. It is extracted from the plant coleus forskohlli, a tropical Indian plant. The plant extract, is typically suited for treatment of various different medical disorders. Some of the conditions you are most likely to benefit, from the use of Forskolin are:
•    Disorders or infections pertaining to the respiratory system.
•    Lowering body blood pressure.
•    Enhancing blood flow.
•    Use in optical disorders like glaucoma.
•    Weight loss aiding substance.
•    Treating different skin conditions.
•    Treatment of advanced stage cancer.

The major benefits in weight loss
If you are conscious about your weight loss you do not need to worry much, read on the Forskolin reviews. Studies show that majority of the population nowadays are suffering from obesity. The extract might be just the supplement you are looking for, to aid the process. You must be wondering how to take it rightly, so as to enjoy its maximum benefits.
Choose the right supplement!
Besides exercising and maintaining a diet regime, taking Forskolin supplements are quite useful when it comes to losing weight. There are several supplements which received raving Forskolin reviews from its users, in the market. If you are looking to benefit the most from the extract, opting for the pure extract is a good idea.
Take the proper dosage to ensure maximum benefits!
Most commonly the reviews from the various users are based on the varying 125mg, 250mg or 500mg supplements. Ensuring the proper dosage is essential for the proper effectiveness of the extract. The supplements are usually taken an hour or so, before having your meal. Taking the supplements twice or thrice daily is known to yield best results.
Go pure, stay healthy!
If you are thinking about the side effects of the extract use in your daily life, there are very rare situations. The side effects of any supplements are due to the various additives used in manufacturing it. If you are opting for pure Forskolin extracts rather than one fortified with synthetic additives, it is very unlikely that you would face a problem. Hope you enjoyed the Forskolin reviews, have a healthy life ahead!

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Why opt for Formula T10

One of the key hormones in a man is the testosterone that actually makes them who they are. A man in his early 20’s experiences increasing levels of testosterones but by the time he reaches his early 30’s and beyond, his natural testosterone release steps on a downward trend. This is why men often find it difficult to build muscle mass in their later years, with other difficulties cropping up like reduction in the aggressive instinct, usual sex drive and just not feeling like they used to in their 20’s.

formula t10 reviewHere comes in testosterone boosters that help men regain the feeling they had in their younger years, specifically when they invest lots of time for workouts in gyms but see no evident results due to the natural fall in testosterone levels that occur due to ageing. One such product doing the rounds in the market currently is the Formula T10, which comprises several ingredients to quick-start testosterone levels in a man as well as claims to regain a person’s youthful vitality.
The main aim of Formula T10, which is specially formulated by doctors and is manufactured in an FDA certified facility, is to make up for the normal and natural decrease in testosterone levels that come with increasing age or because of other bodily issues that might hinder the normal release of the hormone.

Apart from ingredients that boost natural testosterone levels, Formula T10 also consists of vasodilators that together expedite the ability to develop lean muscle mass and improve one’s performance.


As the name suggest, Formula T10 is made up of primarily 10 key ingredients that have their individual benefits. The product contains:
DHEA and Long Jack – Both help in increasing testosterone release and improve sexual performance and desire.
L-Arginine HCL – Helps improve blood circulation, lessens indications of developing erectile dysfunction and increases nutrient delivery to the muscle tissues post rigorous exercise.
Saw Palemetto – A herb for males that helps treat prostate enlargement and surges sexual desire.
Sarsparilla Root – Used medically to treat sexual dysfunction, and is often known to help keep energy levels high during workouts when one is trying to build more muscle mass.
Eleuthero root, Jamaican ginger root, Muira Puama extract and Damiana leaf – All herbs that boost energy levels and improve sexual performance and drive.
Tienchi Ginseng Root and Stinging nettle extract – Added ingredients used that act as the energy increasing part of the product as well as helps normalize prostaglandins.
Mucuna pruriens seed, Nutmeg seed, Withania somnifera root, Licorice root, Oat straw extract – All of these naturally improve energy, increase oxygen flow to the tissues and keep blood sugar levels regular.
Vitamins A, C, E, Lycopene and Zinc – All these help proper body function, cell membranes and sexual energy.

1.    An all natural product
2.    Consists of several proven herbal ingredients that help improve energy and sexual performance
3.    Might help increase metabolism that will in turn boost the rate of fat burning in a body
4.    Might increase performance and strength in the gym

1.    It might take about 2 months for complete benefits of the product to be seen
2.    The Formula T10 bottle does not show the full ingredient dosage
3.    It is difficult to evaluate the product’s side effects as ingredient concentrations are not indicated.

So to sum up the review, Formula T10 is a complete herbal and multi-vitamin product that is good for ageing individuals. However, the fact that women can also use the product indicates that it is not the best available testosterone booster in the market. Formula T10 can rather be used for energy optimization and sexual enhancement.

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It is one of the easiest weight loss solutions that can help you lose weight affectively and much without making any changes to your comfortable living. It is one of the most current and natural ways to weight loss because of the amazing properties and results it carries.

What exactly is Yacon syrup?

It is a member of the sunflower family with small yellow flowers and roots. It acts a natural fat burning product which helps reducing fat and thereby controlling weight. It is found in the Andes Mountains, where people native of North America use it as a sweetener. It is a thick solution made processing the roots of yacon through different stages. The root of the plant has all medicinal properties that it has to its credit. Root contains FOS expanded scientifically as fructooligosaccharide, from where yacon derives its medicinal properties.

How does it work?

One table spoon of yacon syrup before every meal three times a day is the ideal way of consumption. It improves digestion in the body.
•    It also boosts metabolism
•    Produces prebiotics and probiotics
•    It maintains glucose level, which makes it wonderful for diabetic patients.
FOS (fructoologisacchyride) in the roots of yacon resists breakdown by enzymes and reaches the colon. FOS being low in calories and acting a s soluble fibre, when mixes with gastric fluids it expands which makes feel full.
FOS also feeds beneficial bacteria that is present the colonal region, that
•    Prevents inflammation
•    Provides immunity (to an extent).


It has come out to be one of good ways to lose weight as much as in natural way. It controls hunger and reduces your intake of food. It assists in reducing weight but altogether also help other problems in daily life.
•    Provides more fibre
•    Treats constipation
•    Controls elevated blood sugar levels.
•    Not to be used by people if suffering from lose stomach
Long term consumption of yacon syrup gives better and healthier results. It does not involve with fasting glucose, increase BMI and is also effective for menopausal women.
At some point or the other one may and to lose weight in their lives, here the yacon syrup is a very useful product that can make the task a lot easier. Use of yacon syrup keeps your energy levels high all day long. It is a good anti oxidant and fights against free radicals for a healthier body.


There are a whole lot of yacon based products that are every now and then promoted in the marketplace (offfline and online). But before you consider something for your body be cautious of those little things that will give you better results with all the prescribed benefits.
•    Don’t go for fake products as they may arise a false hope.
•    Buy high quality product, read the contents before buying
•    Because Dr. Oz does not support any particular brand, don’t be influenced by any such advertisement.
•    Don’t go for economical yacon syrup, it will do for what it was taken.

Customer view

People who use yacon syrup have been seen losing weight naturally wonderful and easy way. Customers’ opinions go on to making comments where they go as far as saying that giving a second thought to buy yacon syrp is a waste of time. Some cite their own examples of losing pounds of weight in very less time. It shows how much positive impact it has on its users. An experiment done by Dr.Oz showed how women lost pounds of weight in just a few months plusvisibly reduce circumference from the waste. Considering the experiments and the opinions one can say that it does really work and has produced results with a great impact.

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As many of you might be wondering with the rise of the new wonder drug, that promises a lot of benefits. So let us see, what exactly the garcinia cambogia extract is. The garcinia cambogia or the garcinia gummi-gutta is a tropical member of its genus, native to Indonesia. Besides, the plant is also found in parts of Asia, central and West Africa and in the southern coast of India.

The extract is derived from the fruit of the garcinia cambogia plant, after being dried. The fruit almost resembles a small pumpkin, with the color varying from yellow, greenish to reddish. The fruits when ripe are plucked, after that they are dried and cured before extraction.

The various uses of the extract

If you are thinking, How it is used for? Well, the uses of this extract are varied. The plan has several useful qualities and you could be benefiting hugely from them, just as many did. To list a few uses from amongst the various uses of the garcinia cambogia extract are:
•    In cooking.
•    In preparation of several traditional or Ayurvedic medicine.
•     As a fat build-up inhibitor.
•    As a stimulant controller.
In cooking, eh?
As many of you might be wondering. The sour taste is quite a component of many Asian dishes; the fruit has found its uses here. This fruit is known to have quite a sour taste, imparting it to the dish it is used in. Also the fruit is quite rich in nutrients like the Hydroxycitric Acid, further referred to as HCA.
The key ingredient of garcinia cambogia
The HCA is the primary beneficial component of the garcinia cambogia, well reputed for its many uses. This active ingredient found in the plant is mostly responsible, loss of weight and controlled cravings.

The price of the extract
With the list of its numerous benefits, many of us might be pondering over the thought, what garcinia cambogia extract presently evaluated at? The price of the extract at any quality suppliers, is supposed to be around $30-$50. But again, check with the dealer for best deals and great discounts.

Get the real garcinia cambogia today!
However, be aware of the various scams. There are various fake companies, out in the market. The product you would get from them is mostly a fake one; always opt for a well-known, trusted and reputed dealer to be sure of the quality. Because it is only with the actual extract you would get to know, what is garcinia cambogia extract, really like!

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Garcinia Cambogia, also known as garcinia gummi-gutta, is a tropical fruit grown throughout south-Asia. This tiny, green-colored humble fruit has been receiving a lot of attention from health freaks in the West.
Garcinia Cambogia’s natural weight losing properties have been in focus, ever since Dr. Oz popularized it as the ‘newest, fastest fat buster.’ In reality, Dr. Oz’s claims have not been proved by any scientific evidence till date. The Indians use it as an instrument of digestion, as the sour flavor is said to complement digestive juices.

The ‘magic’ ingredient in Garcinia Cambogia is hydroxycitric acid, which is supposed to inhibit an enzyme called citrate lyase, which is instrumental in producing fatty acids from excess carbohydrates. It also causes loss of appetite by increasing the level of serotonin in the body, as low serotonin content is clinically associated with depression and anxiety eating.

how garcinia cambogia worksThis trend set off with Dr. Oz, the U.S. television doctor extraordinaire pushing it as being the ‘most exciting breakthrough in natural weight loss.”
The Garcinia Cambogia extract is supposed to reduce fat in the belly, lessen appetite and reduce emotional eating. It is also supposed to remove fat from arms, leading to lean arm muscles and less flab. It is also supposed to make the body healthier by decreasing cholesterol levels, decreasing low density lipoprotein (which is the bad cholesterol) by 10-30%and increasing the high density lipoprotein or the good cholesterol. In his show, Oz featured a woman who apparently lost 10 pounds in a month using the miracle drug.

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