Truth About Abs

Oct 20, 2014 News, Reviews


The Truth About Abs  is a 140-page eBook written by well-known certified nutritionist and celebrity personal trainer Mike Geary, which gives readers a comprehensive insight into the ‘secret’ of attaining that oh-so desired flat and stunning abs.
It is not a rare thing in today’s world for fakes and gimmicks for just anything available, from food products to machines, gadgets to magic powders and pills, and especially if it is something related to weight loss or personal fitness. Thus, the name of the book ‘The Truth about Six Pack Abs.’ The book has emerged as an instant hit among global readers who are looking for the ‘Truth,’ as well as an honest and good program that unveils the tried–and-tested nutritional plans and training programs to lose that stubborn fat in your belly to give yourself a lean, flat six pack for a lifetime.
Where can it be found?
The eBook can be found on the website, with the homepage featuring two informative videos that exclusively show how to lose belly fat and get that perfectly shaped flat stomach. The two videos are one for each gender, female and male, and are free of cost. Visitors will have to simply choose his or her gender to avail a gender specific presentation on how to achieve a flat tummy. Meanwhile, visitors may also receive on the landing page a free e-Book with 27 secrets to increase metabolism, which will in turn again help you to shed belly fat.
Visitors will also find quite a few articles on the website on how to reduce the percentage of fat in a body and build abdominal muscle. Additionally, the site also sells a package worth US$39.95. However, the key offering is The Truth about Six Pack Abs eBook. The package comprises a few free bonuses, such as a DVD named “The 5 Keys to Guaranteed Fat Loss”. One major factor that has drawn so many customers worldwide is the money back guarantee offered for the package if customers are not satisfied in 60 days of buying it.
The eBook is not meant for any specific age group, while people even at the age group of 40 and 50 can opt for the program.
How the program works
The biggest advantage of choosing Truth About Abs is that it does not require expensive weight loss machines or supplements. At the beginning, users are provided with a list of foods that they are required to include in their diet plan as well as a workout plan that is based on short interval training. The workout regime and the foods boost the metabolic rate of a body and allow it to burn fat throughout the day continuously.
The program not only helps the body to lose weight but also develop muscles. The workout regime and diet plan together target the belly region of a body and helps build six pack abs. Nevertheless, all this goes to complete vain sans one most important thing, ‘COMMITMENT.’ Commitment is the key to achieve 100% success after implementing the program.
Of all the reviews available from customers, majority is on the positive side with most of them highly satisfied with the program. There are very few, in fact negligible amount of people who have had negative results from the program. The web is full of testimonials from customers who have greatly benefited from the program to achieve that perfect, slim and trim belly they have always dreamt of.
Worth for money : The Truth About Abs is way cheaper when compared to any other weight-loss program or supplement, while the 60-day money back guarantee speaks loud enough for itself to prove that there are very less chances for the program to fail. This new six-pack abs magic program is here to stay and is worth every penny you pay for it!