Green coffee bean reviews -Does it really work or scam


Green coffee bean, an easy way to lose weight naturally

These are the capsules that contain green coffee extract. It is a safe way to reduce weight without any special diets or exercise. You can lose weight naturally without hitting gyms for hours, just with vegetable capsules. The good news is that it works for all body types.

What exactly is green coffee bean?

green-coffee-bean-extract  Green coffee beans are natural extracts from coffee plants. The brown coffees that we usually hear of are roasted at temperature of 475 ˚F. But roasting these coffee beans makes them loose their antioxidant properties. It also reduces chlorogenic acid to just 5% which is one of the most important components of coffee. So keeping it green retains all its wonderful properties that can be used to control weight.

How does it work ?

A lot of people consume fats in the daily routine than any other food. Our body stores excess glucose in the form of fats. Extra fat leads to a protruding belly or deposition around the waist area. The role of green coffee comes into play here. It stops fats build up. It increases fat metabolism in liver and therefore inhibits it from deposition. Increasing liver metabolism, keeps weight under control.



  • Green coffee bean not only helps in controlling weight but it is also a natural pack of antioxidants which helps to detoxify the body.
  • It contains chlorogenic acid which is a fat burning component.
  • It also controls the release of glucose in blood stream that indirectly controls the conversion of fat.
  • It is safe for long term use
  • It has no side effects

It is an easy way to lose weight without any exercise in a natural way. For this no dietary plan is required. The good news of all is that it’s safe and sure.


Buy the real deal; green-coffee-bean-reviewbe aware of substandard products, which are easily available in the market. Dr.Oz pin pointed essentials that should not be missed while purchasing:

  • Make sure the bottle has SVETOL or GCA written on it.
  • Contains 45% of chlorogenic acid.
  • Contains no binders or additives or fillers

Before you decide to take nutritional supplements, it is always advised to consult the doctor. Especially in case if you are pregnant, in the feeding stage or on any other sort of medication.


The difference can be seen from a period of one week upto a month. Every progressive day comes with more benefits. Though it sounds really magical, one may still have to wait for atleast 4 weeks for the real results.

Customer review

It’s proven and trusted by millions. It is so famous that it has also been featured on Dr. Oz’s show. In one of Dr Oz’s study on green coffee beans he found that 100 participants lost on an average of 17 lbs in just 12 weeks, which amounts to 10% of the body weight. People who use the product too have seen changes in their body physique. It controls weight but also control sugar levels. Diabetic patients also find it useful to keep sugar in control.

Packing it up

It comes under different manufacturers. Each company produces it with different cost and number of pills. But going by Dr.Oz’s recommendations one should take 800mg twice a day for affective results. Average pill is 400mg. So it’s suggested to take it four times a day. One can buy these from various online sites such as Amazon etc.